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We have sex, but there is no intimacy

We have sex, but there is no intimacy

I totally agree with wowgodisgood!! I kept feeling like there was somthing wrong with me too! I told myself that it was all ok with God but my totally outrageous desire for my hunnie was making me feel… well, outrageously nyphatic!! Even my husband asked me if I was normal. I said “well when it comes to you I REALLY CAN’T HELP MYSELF!” lol! So THANK YOU for giving me a big sigh of relief that there are many many others out there just like me with a naturally large appetite for thier gorgeous and wonderful spouses!! I can’t wait to fully explore this site! Thank You Lord!!

I have been feeling so guilty about everything we do(vibrator, toys,anal sex, multipla O’s

Thank you for this website. I never knew such a website existed. The first time I visited the site I read various articles and comments for about 2 hours. I cried myself to sleep that night. You see, you speak of the type of intimacy I crave in my marriage. But alas, it doesn’t exist right now. But I am committed to my marriage and I believe the Lord can use all the difficulties we face in our marriages to mold and shape us. I find my husband intensely sexy and desirable, but there is such a lack of real intimacy in our relationship that I am really starting to despair. I will continue to pray and persevere. I hope to have a praise report very soon!

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