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Pegging Your Husband or Boyfriend Safely In 10 Easy Steps

Pegging Your Husband or Boyfriend Safely In 10 Easy Steps

What is Pegging?

Pegging is anal sex for men. The female partner penetrates the male wearing a strap-on, usually from behind, as he “bends over” like in a dog-style position. Pegging provides a whole new world of sexual stimulation for the male partner, especially prostate stimulation . It also offers exciting submissive role-play opportunities and female domination (i.e., Femdom).

So how do you get started with pegging? Tim and I believe it all begins with you as a couple. You need to have open communication about matters concerning your sex lives. Once you have agreed to try something different, it won’t be so hard to start a whole new adventure in the bedroom. From there, you can start planning on the pegging harness you want to try, accessories, penetration positions, and more.

As I’ve said earlier, pegging isn’t for everybody. Some male friends refuse because they don’t want to be labeled gay. But there’s nothing gay about it. Pegging is a unique way of lovemaking that satisfies both partners.

However, you must do it right. Here’s a quick guide for all of you interested in living out your husband pegging fantasies.

1. Open communication

You and your partner must talk about pegging. Anal play, especially among men, can entail discomforts and even pain, especially for beginners.

Talk beforehand. Ask your boyfriend if he is okay with the idea of pegging. If not, don’t insist on it. Respect is still more important than sex.

It’s also vital that you talk while pegging. Ask your man if he’s comfortable or if he wants you to stop.