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Joe Byrne is Vice President of Technology Strategy and Executive CTO at AppDynamics, a part of Cisco

Joe Byrne is Vice President of Technology Strategy and Executive CTO at AppDynamics, a part of Cisco

His primary focus is on working with customers and prospects on APM strategy and helping with digital transformations. He also works closely with Sales, Marketing, Product and Engineering on product strategy. Prior to AppDynamics, Joe held technology leadership roles at Albertsons, EllieMae and Johnson and Johnson.

Over the last two years, technologists have come under unprecedented pressure to embrace digital transformation and innovation at record speeds.

In the AppDynamics research, 86% of technologists reported greater visibility across their IT stack over the last 12 months when implementing full-stack observability

As a consequence, consistent availability and performance of the applications and digital services that customers and end users rely upon has never been more important. But at the same time, this has never been harder to achieve. To facilitate rapid innovation many technology leaders turbo-charged their move to the cloud and now preside over increasingly complex IT environments and sprawling cloud infrastructure.

Now the clock is ticking for IT teams to get control over their IT environments and achieve the level of visibility and insight needed to manage the next wave of digital change.

Full-stack observability is quickly emerging as a technology that can help solve some of these challenging and complex issues. The latest report from AppDynamics, The Journey to Observability, reveals a surge of organizations making serious moves to improve visibility within their IT environment with as many as 90% of organizations planning to be somewhere along the journey to full-stack observability during 2022.The next 12 months will be pivotal for many in this journey. Here we explore three important reasons why full-stack observability should be in every IT team’s toolkit as they prepare for the next wave of innovation.