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I’ve been a bit under the weather since my last post, but all is well and i’m back motherfuckers

I’ve been a bit under the weather since my last post, but all is well and i’m back motherfuckers

A Pier Blogger Editorial

So i was going to pick up where i left off on my pier notes that i constantly update and use, but yesterday when i was watching 50s room in the early afternoon i saw the allieg initiated drama, that’s right i said it, the old bitch initiated it by doing her “i’m morally superior to many of you and i have the only morals recognized by God” routine that she loves to do. Roam happened to be in attendance and he wasn’t slamming her for claiming to have morals, he just doesn’t think her morals are the way to live life and many others don’t either, including me, because like many so called religious people, part of her moral code happens to allow her to be a motherfucking, goddamn hypocrite.

The one thing he asked was for her to define what a moral was in her view. Well she couldn’t do it because allie can never answer peoples questions when she attacks. She probably got an F in debate class in high school and couldn’t fight her way out of a virtual paper bag much less a real one. Well Ed, samantha and Party and a couple others decided to get involved (i swear for wire friends, the old saying that water seeks its own level is spot on) and this particular group of friends is as dirt dumb as she is. So their solution was to report roam and the funniest part is when Feisty came in, each one of them thought they were the specific one who got her there.

They were almost jumping with glee. Sometimes i’m embarrassed to admit even to myself that i actually watch this room. And one thing that grates on me is allieg is always judging those who don’t buy into her values and she literally gets pissed. So allie, tell me how Christlike it is to throw a snit fit because people don’t agree with you, i think judge not that ye be not judged is in your Bible isn’t it?