Edinburgh+United Kingdom review

Dad7hawk9 No i said soda, not pops hahahaha

Dad7hawk9 No i said soda, not pops hahahaha

Dad7hawk9 (smacks Dan across the head) Cut that otay shit out, you’re not Buckwheat!

? I saw this pic of a coffee cup with the word “unt” on it. it took me a few seconds to realize the handle to the left was in the shape of the letter C. I’d like to give one of those to Mystic after i take a sharpie and write the word “Fingerbanged” above their wording. ?===

Blogger sees dan say this for the 1000th time, suddenly the appears as we go back in time to Dan’s parents teaching him aforementioned social skills.

Dad7hawk9 So now you see son, tipping your hat as a gesture of greeting local hookup Edinburgh United Kingdom or acknowledgement is a sign of respect dan7hawk9 Thanks dad! Mom7hawk9 Ok so yesterday we covered proper silverware place settings and how you don’t chew with your mouth open, did you practice that as i instructed? dan7hawk9 i shore did ma, but i look like a donkey when i chew with my mouth closed Mom7hawk9 Better to look like a donkey than to be an ass Dad7hawk9 Your mother is right son, ok so today we are going to cover proper bathroom habits when in public Mom7hawk9 Honey, do you think it’s time for that? Maybe we should cover this another day Dad7hawk9 No we cover this now, he is starting to go to the Saturday matinee every weekend Mom7hawk9 I know i know you’re right, it just feels like he’s growing too fast Dad7hawk9 I know honey, i’ll keep it simple.