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Note on enunciation : The “ie” are pronounced like English “ee”, in contrast to English “eye”

Note on enunciation : The “ie” are pronounced like English “ee”, in contrast to English “eye”

Unexpected musings, Geistesblitze, photographs, illustrations etcetera. by a “resident alien”, who’s arrived on US soil from a far-away world labeled as “Germany”.

Word-of the period: Liebeskummer

A mixture of Liebe (prefer) and Kummer (grief, sorrow) that is the state of mind of people whoever sex life just isn’t heading better, especially the sorrow felt by jilted fans.


Hey Ulrich, i believe this might be a wonderful word, and I also are unable to think about a similar in English. although at once or another, all, or perhaps many, folks posses must make use of it. What is the guide about? I enjoy the concept.

The succinct title of guide, Moselfahrt aus Liebeskummer, is difficult to translate gracefully–the literal meaning is actually “Moselle lake travel due to Liebeskummer”. It’s a novella, written in the 30s, describing a-trip alongside as well as on the Mosel (Moselle) river where the narrator attempts to tackle his Liebeskummer. It contains loving summaries of the river, the villages that range it, plus the those who expand wines there–I lived in one of them villages as I visited primary class.

Upon rereading passages of it, however, i have to admit the name could very well be the good thing for the publication!

“The Germans should have a phrase for it. Doppelgedanken, possibly: the impression, when checking out, that own thoughts are giving birth into keywords as they show up on the web page. These will be the ego that within these uncommon cases your wonder, a€?How could mcdougal posses recognized the things I was actually thinking?a€?

I believe the quotation implies that the customer offers exacltly what the weblog features continuously shown, that Germans are professionals at picking out phrase that properly determine reports of attention. Liebeskummer was just one more instance.