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Kagaya Ubuyashiki ‘s the 97th Demon Slayer Corps leader, recognized to his subordinates and you will colleagues because Oyakata-sama

Kagaya Ubuyashiki ‘s the 97th Demon Slayer Corps leader, recognized to his subordinates and you will colleagues because Oyakata-sama

Inosuke has been seen to own zero experience with pure peoples decisions right down to are elevated of the boars, when he constantly assumes on one other individuals who touching your try to assault your and you can doesn’t frequently enjoy the brand new mercy someone else give your.

8. Giyu Tomioka

Giyu Tomioka is one of Demon Slayer’s head support characters. He could be the new Liquid Hashira and you will a demon Slayer in the brand new Devil Slayer Corps.

Giyu try a tall young buck having a powerful make and you can pale skin whom wears an enthusiastic unimpressed otherwise emotionless look many of of the time.

He is dressed in a dark colored cyan-shaded Demon Slayer dress with buttoned light leg-wraps and a set of white zori having deep blue bands, his socks an equivalent cyan colour once the their consistent.

Giyu provides a good grim smile on their face at all times. He has an arranged temperament and you will a firm sense of fairness, and then he doesn’t have perseverance having people that are unaware of her shortcomings and you may waste its lifetime.

Despite enabling Nezuko Kamado to survive using Tanjiro Kamado’s work, he kills other Demons without doubt possesses absolutely nothing regard for them, as perform extremely Devil Slayers.

Even with his aloof and you will stoic temperament, Giyu are defensive and you can enjoying for everybody he cares for and you will calls their mates. This will be earliest found as he risks his life getting Tanjiro and you may Nezuko of the harmful so you can to visit seppuku in the event the second actually ever consumed a human.

The brand new personality the character is created which have made him joyous to possess the fresh new fans who want to see a lot more of him.

9. Kyojuro Rengoku

Kyojuro Rengoku is a devil Slayer supporting profile. He or she is the latest Fire Hashira and a devil Slayer from inside the the brand new Devil Slayer Corps.

Kyojuro is actually a tall younger adult which have a sports human anatomy. He’s long bright red-colored locks which have dark red features with the side of their head, two shoulder-length and two jaw-length fucks, black colored forked eye brows, and golden vision one to fade to purple which have white students.

Kyojuro is quite excited about his duties given that a beneficial Hashira, and he happens of since a cheerfully peculiar profile. He was amiable, absolute out-of heart, and you can had exceptional technique and you will swordsmanship right down to tight knowledge and you will discipline.

Kyojuro was a devout warrior who upheld his mother’s code from morality and beliefs, the initial of which try their insistence that most created solid features a duty to protect poor people.

ten. Kagaya Ubuyashiki

Kagaya is an early on lady having fair facial skin and you will black shoulder-duration hair. He has a curse mark on his body that is slow destroying your and you may and come up with their epidermis come rotten, distribute down his deal with and you will covering his vision, leaving him blind.

By the point he died, the new curse keeps bequeath all over his system, and then make way almost impossible. At the Kagaya’s passing, Muzan revealed your due to the fact with an excellent Buddha-including smile.

The guy generally speaking wears a black kimono which have an extended white haori who’s got a pink and you will yellow misty design along side lower straight back.

Kagaya provides a cool thinking, and he suggests polite matter into the Devil Slayers, also treating them while the their people. He nonetheless knows how to handle analysis which will be open together with flaws.

As he appears to be lenient, they are purpose and you will free of prejudice, as found from the his readiness to identify Tanjiro and you can Nezuko’s plight and even maintaining its trigger when anybody else disagreed.

In the event their address is usually liquid and you will polite, it’s highly tactful, having fun with sentences and you can intonations in such a way your individual he is making reference to can pay interest.

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